Warehouse Space in Missoula, MT

Sometimes, a single storage unit just doesn’t provide the expansive room you need to store your items. When you’re stowing furniture, vehicle storage, or commercial-grade equipment, it’s time to consider upgrading to warehouse space in Missoula, MT. Sherlock Storage has five humongous warehouse spaces available, designed to accommodate the large-scale needs of private customers and commercial business renters.


Why Rent Warehouse Space?

Warehouse SpaceThe number of items and the size of the items you’re able to fit into one of our warehouse spaces makes it easy to see why leasing one of these mammoth spaces is a smart idea. For example, instead of filling up your three-car garage with infrequently-used items, you can store all of it in a warehouse unit and get back to parking comfortably! Likewise, commercial customers who may not have space at their facilities to store large promotional materials, equipment or archived documents may find that warehouse space is a smart investment.


Redefining Warehousing

When most people think of a warehouse in Missoula, Wye, Bonner-West Riverside, or Missoula County, MT, they think of a dark space that’s dusty and cluttered. Not at Sherlock Storage! We take pride in providing our customers with well-lit spaces that are clean and inviting. Our mission is to deliver a space meets and exceeds your needs, no matter what they may be.


Great Accessibility

No matter how frequently (or infrequently) you might be visiting your warehouse space, we make it easy to get in and get out quickly. Our facility is also well-protected against unwanted visitors—it’s well-lit, monitored by CCTV, gated and fenced.

Whether you’re parking larger vehicles and stowing a bevy of household items or you’re using our warehouse space as a storage site for your commercial business’ accessories, Sherlock Storage welcomes you. Contact us today at 406-880-7287 for more information about our warehousing spaces, prices, and lease terms.